do it!

We will aim to improve your balance, coordination and confidence.  
At our clubs we will teach you Tae Kwon-Do, to a syllabus set by the OMA (One Martial Arts), so that you can progress through regular gradings where your standard is assessed by a 8th Dan Black Belt. You will be surprised at how quickly your abilities improve and how much fun regular training can be.

All you will need to do is to turn up at one of the clubs and either watch a lesson or you can join in straight away. With your first few lessons being free, why wait.

Of course, feel free to contact any of the instructors, should you want any further information.

You will not require any special equipment to begin with, you will just need to wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt or any other loose fitting clothes and bring a drink, we recommend water or a still drink.


All the clubs are members of the OMA - One Martial Arts